Welcome to my Wardrobe!

UK fashion blogger wardrobe

You'll have seen a lot of my outfits if you're a regular reader, but I haven't yet shown you my whole wardrobe! As a fashion addict, I of course need a very big wardrobe (thank you IKEA!) and it's crammed so full that I usually have to take clothes out when I add new pieces! 

Scottish blogger Forever Amber mentioned that she loves seeing how people's wardrobes are organised - well Amber, mine is probably one of the most organised you've ever seen!

Let me take you on a little tour...

british fashion blogger wardrobe
I love that my wardrobe is split into lots of parts so I can separate different types of clothes. Choosing an outfit can take long enough so keeping it like this helps speed up the process! As you can see I wear lots of prints and colour, with black being the neutral colour I normally wear brights with.

In this part of my wardrobe, I store my tops that range from vests on the left to long-sleeved on the right. My jeans are piled up underneath (BDG being my favourite denim brand) and my sportswear too. Behind these I keep my jammies! I love the drawer at the top where I store all of my scarves. My favourite scarves are my red tartan one by Lochcarron of Scotland and my grey blanket scarf from Zara.

The pile on the left is my trousers and leggings, and the pile on the right is my shorts. I own three pairs of floral shorts and I have a star print pair by Biba which I bought from a sample sale when I lived in London. Sadly the weather in Edinburgh rarely lets me wear my shorts. Gutted!

In the main part of my wardrobe from left to right, you'll find my skirts, jumpsuits, dresses, jumpers, silky jackets, kimonos and blazers. Dresses are my main weakness when shopping. You can never have too many as different occasions call for completely different styles. 

Last but not least, here are my shoes! My heels and ankle boots are on the top shelf and my flats are on the bottom. I have a few more pairs under my bed too. Despite having a range of styles, I pretty much always wear my black chelsea boots since they're so comfy. It's good to have the choice though!

So I hope you enjoyed my wardrobe tour and that you've got a better idea of how I dress. I also want to show you my collection of jewellery and fashion magazines in the future. Let me know what you think!

Love from Lou Lou