LFW: House of Holland (A/W 11)

There is one word I would use to describe House of Holland and that word is FUN! Henry Holland never takes his work too seriously, and the result is unpredictable and beyond exciting to see. 

The selection of candy colours reminded me of Luella Bartley's creations, a designer I miss seeing on the catwalk.

The references in House of Holland's latest collection include Country Living and  Bingo - the invites were in the form of Bingo cards. Genius! 

Colourful crochet, budgie prints and tweed may sound like what a granny would wear, but trust Henry to make all this desirable to fashionable girls!

This has to be the very best of House of Holland and the very best collection I've seen so far during London Fashion week. It was tough selecting my favourite outfits, they're even styled to perfection - a mixture of matching and clever clashing. The item at the top of my wishlist is the bright pink tweed dress with pearls applied in a very unique and fashion-forward way. 

What did you like most about the collection?

Love from Lou Lou