The Evolution of Topshop Unique

On Monday, while in London, I went to a presentation by a Topshop Unique designer, who explained the process of creating a catwalk collection. I thought I would share with you what I learned as I found it really interesting. 

Step 1 - The design team must gather research for the collection. They get their inspiration by travelling to different countries and also go to music festivals where they observe how people are dressed.

Step 2 - There are meetings held to discuss everyone's inspiration.

Step 3 - A research pack is put together and they work from this pack.

Step 4 - Sketches are shown within the team.

Step 5 - Each designer works individually with an in-house pattern cutter. 

Step 6 - Models are chosen to wear each outfit as it looks different when hung on mannequins. The silhouettes are altered accordingly and Katie Grand (editor of Love magazine) helps the team at this stage.

Step 7 - A model casting is held and each model that is selected has an outfit which is to be worn for the catwalk show.

I am in love with Topshop Unique's Spring/Summer collection. It is a print driven collection and as you may know, I'm a bit of a print-fanatic! I think they look really original, varying from ink dropped in water to flying horses! Embellishment was the other main element which was created with Swarovski crystals. 
Below is a picture of me trying on a silk jacket from the collection which I was REALLY tempted to buy!

Love from Lou Lou