Little Red Vintage Dress

Red vintage bodycon dress

Scottish fashion blogger

Hunted Vintage dress

Ted & Muffy over the knee boots

Edinburgh fashion blogger

Photos by Frankie Hunter

Boots - Ted & Muffy
Handbag - Faith
Bracelet - Mulberry

A few weeks ago I went to an event on the fashion floor of The Scottish Design Exchange (one of the best shops in Edinburgh by the way!) The lovely Nicole Perry came through from Glasgow with her Hunted Vintage collection and I'm SO glad she did! When I looked through her rails of vintage gems, I came across this velour eighties dress sourced from Italy, and I knew it had to be mine. I have to give credit to Kimberley from Wardrobe Conversations who also knew it had my name written all over it! As if I needed much convincing! The only thing that wasn't quite right for me was the giant shoulder pads. Yes, Joan Collins owned it in the eighties, but let's leave that look in the past! After cutting them out, the dress pretty much fitted like a dream - which can be really difficult with vintage pieces. 

As for the boots - they've been my favourite shoes to wear on a night out for the past year since I got them. I love that they'll keep my legs warm in winter and they're a lot more comfy than they look!

I wore this outfit recently when I went to see The Rabbit Hole's homage to Rocky Horror Picture Show. My dress was kind of a homage to the film too! 

Thanks to the fabulous Frankie Hunter for the photos - there's lots more to come!