Emerging Eyewear Brand IOLLA

Earlier this year I went for an eye test and discovered that I no longer have 20/20 vision. I didn't really mind since glasses can be a chic way to accessorise an outfit, however I didn't know where to find stylish eyewear that I could afford. Luckily, last week I was invited to the launch of IOLLA's eyewear showroom which offered the perfect solution. 

Situated in Glasgow's trendy Finnieston strip, IOLLA has the aesthetics of a beautiful boutique rather than a boring opticians. Their quirky window displays change every month and the interiors are fun too. The co-founders Stefan Hunter and Brian McGuire also wanted to ensure that shoppers can enjoy browsing the eyewear without pushy staff trying to persuade them which style to purchase. I felt completely at ease trying on various frames while discussing them with one of the team members. 

There's such a fantastic variety of styles to choose from and each are available in a few colours such as 'walnut tortoise' and 'gold crystal.' They're all made from the highest quality materials and assembled in Scotland. I love that each frame is named after a famous Scotsman including Burns and MacIntosh. 

What surprised me the most was how affordable the eyewear is. Most frames including prescription lenses cost just £65! It sounds too good to be true, but you'll find there are no silly hidden costs. This means rather than thinking of eyewear purchasing as a massive commitment to one frame style, you can change your frame choices over the years and co-ordinate them with your outfits - like I do with my collection of sunglasses! Speaking of which, there's a fab range of sunglasses available too.

If you don't live close enough to Iolla's showroom, you can order online instead. Every pair takes 7 days to be made and sent to your home. 

What do you think of my selection?