Cambridge Satchel Company Event

Edinburgh blogger

Dress - H&M
Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Primark
Shoes - River Island

As a slight satchel addict (I own eight!), I have always admired the design and quality from The Cambridge Satchel Company. Although I don't have one of their's in my collection, attending the pop-up store in Edinburgh did tempt me to save up for one. There was a much bigger range than I could have possibly imagined, with so many colours and sizes to choose from. My favourite is the black and pink combination which you can see to the right of me in the last photo.

At the event, I was lucky enough to chat with the store manager as well as the fabulous founder of the company, Julie Deane. They filled me in on a lot about the store and products. Did you know the shops in Edinburgh and Glasgow sell exclusive satchels featuring tartan and Harris Tweed? I also found out that there is an exciting collaboration in the pipeline, so I'm looking forward to that!

The store is offering an embossing service so you can personalise your bags and accessories. We were lucky enough to be gifted leather keyrings with our initials stamped into them.

If you don't know the amazing story of how The Cambridge Satchel Company came about, you will love finding out about it in this little video. Julie Deane is such an inspirational woman!

Love from Lou Lou