Dark Craft

All clothing from Topshop

My apologies for the lack of blogging this month. My work and social life have been a bit mad, however I've bought lots of new clothes with my Topshop staff discount so there are plenty of outfit posts to come! This outfit mostly comes from my favourite Topshop trend called "Dark Craft." It takes it's inspiration from the nineties film "The Craft" and Christopher Kane style silhouettes. I love the contrasting textures of my fluffy jumper and boucle skirt. 

To all my Scottish readers, I recommend going to the fashion photography exhibition "Coming into Fashion" before it finishes on the 8th September. The City Art Centre in central Edinburgh is displaying a large collection of Conde Nast's images that have been published in magazines (mostly Vogue) throughout the decades. It's great that my hometown is showcasing a fashion exhibition as the only ones I go to have always been in London. 

Love from Lou Lou