London Trip

Last weekend I visited my friends in London, and as usual I had to visit an exhibition and check out some shops that I'm deprived of in Edinburgh! Burberry's new store on Regent street is absolutely stunning. The building was built in the 1820's, although it has many modern elements inside. For example, when a customer enters a changing room with a coat, a mirror can detect the chip embedded into the material using radio-frequency identification technology. The mirror will then turn into a screen that displays catwalk pictures and details of how it was made. How amazing is that?

Sadly, I couldn't justify buying myself a beautiful Burberry coat, so I headed to Swedish store Monki which was also visually impressive. I had never seen their clothes before and couldn't believe how soft the jeans and jumpers are. Very affordable too. 

I paid my favourite museum a visit as the V&A re-opened it's fashion gallery earlier this year. I loved that the displays were chronologically ordered, taking you through hundreds of years of fashion. I am looking forward to the V&A's next exhibition: Hollywood Costume, which opens on 20th October. What I'm even more excited about is Tim Walker's Story Teller exhibition at Somerset House from 18th October. He is by far my favourite fashion photographer and I adored his first exhibition in 2008. 
So before I start planning every detail for my next visit, here are my fashion highlights of London.

1920's display (my favourite era of fashion)

Sequinned suit made by Coco Chanel in the 1950's

Evening coat by Elsa Schiaparelli, 1937
Notice the double image of the faces and the roses in an urn. Clever!

Inside Burberry's new flagship store

Louis Vuitton pop-up shop in Selfridges, inspired by artist Yayoi Kusama

My friend Helena King who only wears ethical clothing. Her Captain Planet organic 
cotton t-shirt is from a pop-up EJF shop on Carnaby st. Visit Helena's tumblr here.

My outfit on Saturday worn at Borough Market and The Hoxton Pony
 Jumper, suede boots & dogtooth trousers - all Topshop. Blouse - Mango

Love from Lou Lou