Today's Oriental Look

Oriental jacket - H&M
Gold tweed shorts - Sister Jane
Black top - H&M

Today I'm wearing a silky jacket which I bought recently at the bargain price of £15! The shape of it makes me feel super chic and elegant. I decided to pair the jacket with my gold shorts which really brings out the colours of the print (although you don't notice this so much in the photo.) Is anyone else finding it hard to dress for this in-between weather? In Edinburgh it's been sunny but the cold wind stops you from revealing the tiniest bit of skin! 

Did everybody enjoy the collections at Paris Fashion Week? Chanel's collection blew me away. Karl Lagerfeld's main theme was crystals which meant that many of the pieces were beautifully embellished, and I thought the collection looked really futuristic without looking ridiculous! I also loved the bejewelled eyebrows, and as always the dramatic set design looked amazing.

I hope you're all having a good week.

Love from Lou Lou