My Party Dress

Sheer dress - Rare
Feather necklace - River Island
Tights and boots - Topshop

Here I am trying to hide my drunkenness for an outfit picture at my friend's cocktail party in Glasgow. As you can see, my style changes when I'm dressing up for a night out. I often like to wear a black dress which has something different about it. I most certainly can't do plain! Then I add the extra bits such as a statement necklace and a pretty pair of tights. Tomorrow night I will be wearing this dress for the second time at my Topshop christmas masquerade party. I'll wear it with my gorgeous dark blue mask, a red bobbed wig and a gold necklace which is very fancy, like costume jewelry. I love dressing up! My motto is that it's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. But keep it classy and not trashy!

Love from Lou Lou