London Visit

It's been a year and 4 months since I moved away from London and since then I have visited my friends there five times. Every time I go down, I fit in seeing as many close friends as possible in one weekend and do the most fun things like London Fashion Weekend, a Lady Gaga concert, a party held by Jaques cider, a party in a barber shop and my favourite clubs such as Cafe de Paris. A lot of my most exciting memories belong in London and if I get a good job down there I'd like to move back. It may sound cheesy but I feel really lucky to have such great friends there, even though I now only see them every couple of months. So although this post is not entirely fashion related, I couldn't resist sharing these photos on my blog.

Me & Victoria at her cupcake party

My yummy cakes made with marshmallows & glitter

Matthew Williamson mini exhibition

My lovely friends Sam & Estrella at Winter Wonderland

Love the lights on Bond street & Oxford street

Wearing my Ashish for Topshop jumper at
The Hummingbird Cafe

Stunning exhibition at Somerset House
Love from Lou Lou