Lucky Emma Watson

Emma Watson is fast becoming a style icon and has my vote for the style category of the British Fashion Awards (vote here!) Over the last year or two she has developed her taste and become more involved with fashion. She has collaborated with People Tree to design ethical clothing; modeled for Burberry; sat front-row in Chanel's catwalk shows; and walked down red carpets in dresses to die for. I also have to mention the pixie crop haircut, which to say suits her is an understatement. I never realized how beautiful her features are until all that long hair was cut away. 

Now that the filming of Harry Potter is over and she's studying history at Brown in America, I hope she won't fade away from the fashion scene. The thought of her wearing jeans and a university hoodie is no fun! However, once the student life is over she does want to pursue her acting and also says: "I just don't want to limit myself, there's so many different things I'm interested in." 

I'm off to see her as Hermione tonight in the latest Harry Potter film, and I also need to get my hands on this month's issue of America's Marie Claire which has the most stunning pictures of her (below) captured by the wonderful Tesh and styled by Nina Garcia.

Watch this short video of her on the shoot for Marie Claire. She should model more often!

Love from Lou Lou