Smarter Spending

Dress - River Island
Boots - DUO
Handbag - Primark
Bracelet - Forever 21

Scottish Blogger

Lately I've had to be really careful with how I spend my money, which isn't so fun, although the good thing is that I've landed up with items that I really do love. First up is my plaid dress which is the perfect casual dress for this season as the material is so cosy. Then we have my latest satchel. A girl can never have too many! The design reminds me a little of a Mulberry satchel, but what's even better is the scalloped edging with a laser cut patterned effect. 

I would suggest that anyone else who is trying to spend their money more wisely to ask themselves:

1. Is it going to work with at least three outfits from my wardrobe?
2. If the item sells out before I buy it will I go crazy?!
3. Is it completely true to my style or worth experimenting the new look?
4. Can I wear it regularly?
5. Do I feel as if this item was made for me?

So that might help banish those impulse purchases you regret and save you a small fortune!

What are your favourite new purchases? Are you trying spend less on yourself and save for Christmas?

Love from Lou Lou