Pop-up Shopping

Pop-up shops seem to be popping up everywhere lately, and I would say it's the most exciting way to shop. You often find out about them through word of mouth or social media as if you're discovering a secret! The venues  are often quite unexpected - from churches to cocktail bars - and for what can be as little as a few hours, you find all sorts of clothing from boutiques and brands that may not normally be so accessible. 

On Thursday, I went to a vintage pop-up shop at a bar in Edinburgh called 99 Hanover Street. Most of the bar was filled with regulars, but at the back there were rails and tables covered in colourful clothing and accessories. Half of them belonged to Vi Nouveau, and the other half to Once Upon A Time. Both of these boutiques are available on ASOS Marketplace, but it was more fun seeing their pretty hand-picked pieces in real life. There were so many items that my friend and I loved, but after splurging too much this month, I allowed myself one stand out piece that made me gasp when I saw it! Take a look for yourself in the bottom picture. 

Do you know of any pop-up shops appearing in your area? Spread the word if you do!

Love from Lou Lou