Thank You Stephanie Finnan!

I have one piece of advice for anyone wanting a career in fashion, like I am, and that is to buy the book "How to Prepare For a Career in Fashion" by Stephanie Finnan. It arrived through my letter box yesterday and since then I've been picking up lots of tips from this book and altering my CV to a similar style of the template that is featured. I trust that the author knows what she's writing about as she runs a fashion careers clinic and has a background of fashion recruitment with clients including Topshop and Burberry. The book is mostly split up into 11 sections of careers such as Trend Forecaster, Stylist, Visual Merchandiser and Fashion Journalist.  In each section you can find a job profile, interviews with top fashion professionals and a to-do list outlining goals to reach your chosen career. It was like the book was written for me! Today I applied for the role of a Creative Assistant at a Topshop store in London so fingers crossed this book has helped me bag an interview! The book is only £8.44 if you buy from Amazon so click here to buy one!

Love from Lou Lou