Holiday Style!

I still have a few days left, however I feel that my 2 weeks off work are quickly coming to an end. I haven't had this much fun in a long time as I've seen all my closest friends from all parts of my life; the friends I made while living in London; my housemates I lived with in Cumbria and then my photography course mates from university. Lots of fun and although it's not been the hottest Summer of all time - not even close - I still wore some cheerful outfits.

Me & Kate in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh
Photo taken by my photography mate Mags in York
Katz & me in my garden before the Fringe opening
Me & Victoria at Jacques Townhouse, London
I don't know how I'll cope going back to work after all these adventures! I certainly won't enjoy putting my hospital care assistant uniform back on!

Love from Lou Lou