Style on the Stage

One of the best parts about seeing my favourite bands perform is checking out what they're wearing. It's no longer enough to be a good singer with presence, as the look of a performer adds another form of entertainment. To me the visuals of a gig have to be just as pleasing as the music. Call me demanding but that's just what I like! 

Below are some of the singers I have seen perform and I've fallen a little bit in love with while watching them! For a closer look, click on the images as they appear small on my blog post.

I saw Coco Sumner, of "I Blame Coco" a couple of months ago in Glasgow. She wore tiny red shorts, a vintage jacket and pulled up socks. I love that she's always wearing cute shorts and I'm slightly jealous of her legs!

Last year I saw Shingai Shoniwa of "The Noisettes" and was in awe of her style. The picture on the left was taken by me and you can see her stunning gold top with metallic fringing, plus the cute heart on her geeky glasses. 

Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga has fearless style and that is something I find very admirable. I saw her 2 months ago at London's O2 arena and couldn't believe how many outfits she changed into. The left and middle pictures are of my favourite outfits she wore during her Fame Monster tour and I also love the outfit on the right, styled by Nicola Formichetti. 

Love from Lou Lou